Admission Tests for MBA and Master's Programs

Some business schools have developed their own tests and offer the option of taking the school admission test instead of an international standardized test like GMAT, GRE or LSAT. School tests check the skills needed for success in the program to which you are applying and whether candidates need to take any preparatory (prerequisite) courses before starting the programme. Most school tests for business and management MBAs and Master’s programmes check the verbal, communication and quantitative skills needed for a job in business.


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School tests do not usually require much preparation, except for getting to know the test format. Some schools claim that their tests are better targeted at international applicants than standardised tests, which might appear to favour the education system of the test’s home country. School tests also comprise several sections and different types of tasks, some even including a case study.


If you are planning to apply to international Master’s and MBA programs, you are recommended to take a standardised test, like GMAT or GRE, as these are widely accepted by the majority of schools. If you are targeting just one or two schools and do not want to take a standardised international test, then opt for a school admission test, which is only applicable to the school and programme to which you are applying.

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