Why is Profile evaluation Important?

Profile Evaluation is the first step to selecting the best matching MBA or Master’s programmes.

The value of a profile evaluation

The purpose of a profile evaluation is that an expert provides you with feedback about whether you meet the standard requirements for admission to graduate admission programmes in your desired field of study. Of course some of the requirements are easy to understand, but others are more complicated – how do you measure leadership potential, what counts for work experience, whether your career progression good enough, etc. A profile evaluation will help you understand:

  • Are you currently eligible for graduate studies?
  • Should you pursue an MBA or a Master’s programme?
  • What kind of MBA programmes should you target in order to achieve your professional goals?
  • What are your chances of being admitted?
  • Which parts of your profile should you improve before applying?
  • Which is the most effective application strategy given your strengths?

An expert evaluation of your academic and professional profile is a must for defining what types of programmes will be best for you. Many facts are taken into consideration during the evaluation: your academic background and performance, your professional experience and career progression, your achievements, awards and hobbies, failures and setbacks you have undergone and your test scores (if available). An essential part of the profile evaluation concerns your goals, what you expect to get from your studies and how they will help your future.


Make sure that you provide the most accurate and up-to-date information that is required for a profile evaluation. Be as specific as possible and provide details, especially about your career goals and your job responsibilities and progression. This is important so that you can receive accurate and relevant feedback.

Initial Profile Evaluation (MBA applicants)

The easy to use online profile evaluation tool will clarify whether you are eligible for apply for admission to MBA programmes. You will receive suggestions about the types and calibre of business schools that you should target. Just fill in the brief questionnaire and you will get immediate feedback. Start here.

Open Profile Evaluation (MBA and Master’s applicants)

Experienced admissions experts will review your profile and provide written feedback within 48 hours. An additional benefit of the open-format profile evaluation is that you have access and are able to review the profiles and expert feedback of other UnimyPrep members, which helps you learn more about the diversity of b-school applicants. You can also receive further feedback on your profile by other admissions experts or peers on the UnimyPrep forum. 

Expert Profile Evaluation (MBA and Master’s applicants)

Have a live online session with an expert who will review your CV and discuss your career and academic goals. Then you will have an expert’s evaluation on your strengths, areas for improvement and the most suitable types of programmes and schools for you. You will get advice about which application strategy is most appropriate given your profile and strengths. The live online session is interactive and you can also ask questions.

Find details here.

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