PrepAdviser’s MBA Preparation E-Book - Step-by-Step Preparation Guide to International MBA Admissions is a free e-publication that will guide you through the whole process. You can also benefit from additional free advice on provided by international test preparation experts and admissions consultants.

This 25-page interactive guide provides comprehensive practical advice for each step of your preparation. It is a valuable resource for applicants to MBA programmes in the USA, Europe and globally.

The value of this MBA Preparation E-book

This MBA preparation guide answers essential questions such as:

  • Why and when to take the MBA?
  • Who can provide feedback on your profile and chances of MBA admission?
  • How to prepare for MBA admission tests?
  • How to identify the best-matching business schools and MBA programmes based on your career goals and potential?
  • How to apply for scholarships for your MBA studies?
  • How to prepare a competitive application for admission?
  • What are all possible outcomes of your application?

In this guide you will find:

  • Sample preparation timelines and an itemised budget of expenses
  • Real letters pertaining to admission, rejection, waiting list and scholarship
  • Links to additional online tools and video interviews

The value of MBA programmes

The Master of Business administration (MBA) is now renowned as the gold standard for management education. The MBA is an academic degree provided by universities and business schools worldwide. There are thousands of programmes internationally and this number is growing.

The MBA will be worthwhile if you have the necessary level of maturity, clarity of career and personal goals, and the drive and skills for business development. The MBA is an excellent option for people who would like to develop as business leaders, as mid-level or top managers. It is also a great option for many business and social entrepreneurs.

The MBA is a considerable investment, not only in terms of finance but also in time and effort, and it is beyond any doubt a life-changing step to take and a rewarding experience in so many ways.

Business schools usually require that prospective students have at least two or more years of professional full-time work experience, and in some cases even managerial responsibilities, in order to be eligible for admission. There is good reason for this – MBA studies are very practical and rely heavily on the past experience and skills of the students and their active contribution to the classroom learning experience.

About the author

The author has over 15 years of consulting practice in international education plus experience in MBA recruitment and admissions, career counselling and HR development.

She has first-hand experience of Executive MBA recruitment and admissions. She is a graduate of a Management of Higher Education course of Harvard University, and has an academic background and professional experience in HR development. She is a GCDF certified career counsellor, a former board member of the adviser’s professional section of the European Association of International Education, a contributor to NAFSA: Association of International Educators (USA) conferences.

She publishes articles in various internationally specialised publications in education and management. Students she has advised or coached in the course of their MBA preparation over the years have been admitted and awarded scholarships for their MBA or Master’s studies in leading universities and business schools in Europe and North America.

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