Brian Galvin, Veritas Prep's Vice President of Academic Programmes, talks about the two ways in which the GMAT can fool you on Data Sufficiency.


In you are preparing for the GMAT there is a good chance that you have already got several Data Sufficiency questions wrong. GMAT Data Sufficiency problems are part of the Quantitative (Maths) section of the exam. They are certainly some of the trickiest questions of the GMAT.

In this video, Brian Galvin shares that there are actually only two wrong answers possible on Data Sufficiency questions. He shows which they are and how to avoid them.

When it comes to questions connected in some way with sufficiency first you have to ask yourself whether or not you have enough information.

Situation 1: You think you have enough information

In this case if you do, you are right, and if you don’t, you are wrong.

Situation 2: You think you do not have enough information

In this case if you don’t, you are right, and if you do have enough information, you are wrong.

If you think about it those are the only two possible scenarios that are out there. The only two wrong answers are: you think you have enough information, but you actually don’t, or you think you don’t have enough information, but you actually do.

Do bear in mind that these are the only two traps that GMAT can try to lead you into. Brian Galvin takes a look at some sample questions and shows how they can use that strategy to get you to fall into a trap.

Take a practice test to determine your GMAT level and remember that when answering Data Sufficiency questions in the GMAT, the key is to successfully determine when you have sufficient information to make a decision with 100% certainty.

Good luck with your GMAT preparation!

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