Even if you have no finance background, this masterclass from NEOMA Business School (France) will give you an introduction to the field from a seasoned expert.

Find out what it means to be an investment manager by exploring a case study like the ones you will encounter on the job. If the lesson leaves you excited about this possible career, the second part of the video will give you information about NEOMA’s programs that can take you there.

What is investment and wealth management and how can you do it?

A Master’s degree in finance comes in many flavors. You can choose your focus depending on the kind of work you would like to do afterwards. If you enjoy getting to know your clients and working closely with them on complex projects, then this track may be for you.

Meet Bryan and Amy Sanders,” says Professor Maria Ruiz Garcia, who leads the masterclass. Imagine they are your new clients. They are in their early 30s and live in New York City. They just sold their company and are now planning their next steps.

To invest Bryan and Amy Sanders’ money, we have to get to know them a little bit better,” says Professor Garcia. What risks should they anticipate in the coming years? Can they afford a new apartment in Paris? How should they invest so that they can meet their life goals?

Watch the lesson to find out how you can help Amy and Bryan and what problems you will be solving day to day as their financial advisor. You will learn about the 4 steps of the investment and wealth management process:

  • Creating an investment policy statement based on the clients’ needs
  • Capital market expectations: doing your research to predict how markets will behave
  • Strategic asset allocation: deciding where clients should invest
  • Portfolio construction and management

Is a NEOMA finance degree for you?

So, you would like to know more about how to become an investment and wealth manager. How can you do that? To find out if NEOMA’s specialized finance degrees are for you, check out the second part of the video starting at 44’15’’. There, Katie Fisher, international recruitment manager at NEOMA, answers key questions about the degree, including:

  • How can you find out if you are eligible for the program?
  • Can you work in France while you study?
  • Are there scholarships?
  • How can you prove your English proficiency?
  • What is the CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) certification, and why does it “give you a head start ahead of the others and a career boost,” as Professor Garcia says?

Watch the video to find out.