A Master’s in France is a dream study opportunity for young professionals all over the world. If you are one of them, or even if you are not sure whether this is the perfect destination for you, keep on reading to find out.

In this webinar with Audencia Business School, Lea Pennober, International Relations Manager, explains all the exciting and important details of this Grandes École’s graduate programs.

Situated in the city of Nantes, with its high quality of life and fascinating cultural heritage, Audencia boasts three campuses. With a 34% share of international students, the French school is also a multicultural hub that welcomes people from every corner of the world.

Master’s in Management program

In the first half of the webinar, you can learn all about this esteemed management program. First and foremost, you need to know what makes you eligible to enter it. Applicants need a 3-year Bachelor’s degree obtained outside of France as well as proficiency in English (or French). Why the choice of language? Because you have the freedom to study the courses in this program in English or French.

This is a 2-year program with two semesters of specialization in one of three fields:

  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Management

However, if you are in a hurry, you can also compress the program and graduate in 18 months. You also have the option to gain a double degree at a partner university. Choose from three international options – Boston (US), Lancaster (UK), or France, Italy, and Portugal.

To hear more about available specializations or learn other exciting aspects of the program, watch the webinar in full.

Master of Science programs

Do you like the idea of heading to France but have a different program in mind? Audencia has even more options to choose from with their Master of Science programs. Take a look at them below, but keep in mind the basic eligibility requirements. Applicants need a 4-year Bachelor’s degree in Engineering or Business as well as proficiency in English.

  • Master of Science in Management-Engineering
  • Master of Science in Food and Agribusiness Management
  • Master of Science in Supply Chain and Purchasing Management
  • International Master in Management
  • Master of Science in Cognac, Spirits and Wine Management
  • Master of Science in Data Management for Finance
  • Master in European & International Business Management

To learn about each of these programs in more detail, watch the webinar recording in full.

How to apply to Audencia

If you are unable to start the program on campus, you can always join the courses online. Get in touch with Audencia to know more about this flexible opportunity.

As for the application process, it consists of five straightforward steps.

  1. Get to know the admissions requirements. Look through them carefully and consider if you are eligible for the program of your choice.
  2. Submit your application online – there is a EUR 100 application fee.
  3. Wait for your interview invitation. When the admissions committee looks through your application documents and assesses your eligibility, you should be scheduled for an online interview.
  4. Wait for feedback. You will receive an admissions decision up to 10 days after your interview.
  5. Accept your spot at Audencia if you gain admission successfully.

Although this is a great starting point when choosing the perfect Master’s in France, you might want to hear about available scholarships. Head straight to the webinar recording to find out what types of financial aid you can apply for at Audencia Business School!