What are the benefits of doing an MBA at the Business School at City, University of London (formerly Cass Business School)? And how can you determine which MBA program would be right for you?

In this webinar, Alex Jones, MBA Recruitment Manager at the Business School, shares behind-the-scenes information about the programs. He gives advice on choosing your MBA – whether full- or part-time, or Executive (EMBA). He also explains why the Business School is open to applicants with more unconventional profiles.

Here are some of the highlights of this webinar packed with useful tips.

The three main reasons for doing an MBA

There are three reasons that candidates wish to go to business school, according to Alex’s experience:

  • Career progression
  • Career switch
  • Being an entrepreneur

In the webinar, Alex explains why, if you are aiming for a career switch, a full-time MBA may be the best for you. On the other hand, if you wish to advance in your current role, part-time programs which allow you to keep your job may be a better choice. Alex also gives advice on Executive MBA (EMBA) degrees.

Even if you are not sure yet what your next steps are, an MBA is the perfect environment to explore and discover a strong network that can guide you to the right path for you.

The perks of being in London

Where you do your MBA matters. The Business School’s location right next door to London’s City, a major financial hub, and also to the Tech City, creates lots of opportunities. Alumni who work nearby come back to campus, where you can meet them and begin to build your network. Thousands of the school’s alumni are based in London, Alex says.

The Business School is not limited to London, however. In the webinar, you will also learn about its Dubai campus, as well as the international electives that offer immersive experiences at companies abroad.

Highly selective programs

The Business School’s classes are small, and it has a collaborative culture. Each student is selected for their ability to contribute and help create learning experiences for the others. That is why the school accepts students with diverse profiles, including from a variety of industries. Students may come from the medical sphere, media, or the arts, for example.

Would you fit in at the Business School? Watch the webinar and find out for yourself. You will also learn about the next steps if you are thinking of applying.

In the Q&A at the end of the webinar, you will hear the answers to many questions, including:

  • Are loans available to international students?
  • What makes a standout application for an award or scholarship?
  • Which aspects of the application have the most weight in admissions?
  • Is it okay if you submit an old GMAT score?
  • Is having more work experience an advantage?