Committing to an MBA degree is a smart step no matter where you are on your career path. Whether you want to upskill your business dexterity or turn a new page in your career progression altogether, the right program will set you up for success no matter where your future takes you.

Catch our latest webinar with ESCP Business School representatives Maria Koutsovoulou, Isabelle Perna, and class of 2019 alumnus Gianmarco Guadalupi. Тhey share insights on how an MBA can positively alter your career path and lead to exciting new prospects in leadership.

Leadership is key

Maria’s presentation on Strategic Leadership in the VUCA era builds a bridge between ESCP’s MBA program in International Management and the case of the small town of Italian immigrants in Roseto, Pennsylvania.

She quickly touches on some points about the essence of leadership and why organizations need leaders especially in VUCA times like the Covid-19 pandemic. VUCA stands for:

  • Volatility
  • Uncertainty
  • Complexity
  • Ambiguity

and is a term that covers the various aspects of an uncontrollable environment. Great leadership skills are the key to prevailing in such challenging times.

What is the Roseto effect?

The Roseto effect is a phenomenon that can be seen in close-knit communities with a low-stress environment, resulting in a low rate of heart disease. Maria goes into detail about the original Italian village Roseto and the small American town of the same name, and why she thinks the right kind of leadership plays a key role in creating such a cohesive community, which functions as a whole. She states in the presentation:

Our commitment is to provide companies and society with reflective and agile leaders able to build communities and sustainable networks worldwide.

Learn more about this intriguing concept in the full webinar.

MBA in International Management

Isabelle then takes over to introduce the MBA program. She is the director of admissions at ESCP in Paris and is in charge of the recruitment process. In essence, the MBA in International Management is a full-time, 10-month program split between two countries. For the first semester you can go to either Paris, London, or Turin, and for the second – Paris, Berlin, or Madrid. You will also get to work on two consultancy projects. There are over 17 core courses taught from September to June, followed by 4 electives.

It is a very intense program that will help you gain international experience and prepare you for a bright future in leadership.

How do we apply?

To apply for an MBA in International Management you will need to prepare some documents, tests, and certificates, all of which are listed on ESCP’s website, where you can also find the application form along with information about tuition and application fees, funding, and scholarships the school offers. As Isabelle mentions, you can also contact her directly for any additional questions.

Pivot your career

We are then joined by Gianmarco who shares how the MBA program at ESCP affected his career and personal life, and where he is now.

An MBA can help you change your professional path to suit your business goals and vision for the future. Gianmarco gives a great personal example for this. He joined ESCP Europe in 2019 after giving up his job as an engineer to pursue a future in management. He was dissatisfied with the type of leadership he saw around him and wanted to become a leader who could set a positive example.

You can hear about his current position, and how it differs from his last one, in the full webinar. Also don’t miss the Q&A session at the end to hear the panelists’ insights on managing a startup business in a crisis, along with other interesting questions.