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No One Gets Closer to Business Than Robinson

In the heart of Atlanta, surrounded by Fortune 500 companies and entrepreneurial start-ups alike, the Robinson College of Business fosters deep and lasting business relationships that cut across our research, teaching, and service missions to facilitate our development of the next generation of leaders. We grow future talent through degree programs while continually connecting students to business and society, and we support current leaders through executive education as well as collaborative relationships and sponsored research. This allows us to be closer to business, to better understand market challenges, and to more effectively co-develop and implement solutions with business.


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The Robinson College of Business is a community of students, educators and professionals who specialize in discovering insights that drive smarter business decisions. Our programs were built to push students beyond the classroom and offer experiences that bridge the gap between business education and the business world. Our internationally recognized faculty are not only experts in their fields but also prolific authors, distinguished researchers and award-winning leaders.
Student Body
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Robinson Students Stand Out

You’ll find our students serving as consultants for local businesses and providing business plans, market research and product valuations. They work side-by-side with business partners to solve real big data problems and offer sound solutions. Our students travel the world learning about businesses that operate globally. They compete for top rankings in case competitions, hackathons and entrepreneurship challenges. Our graduates are landing top positions, earning raises and making a name for themselves and the Robinson College.

With a rich history in Atlanta, the Robinson College is a leader with local and global business partners, and supports an alumni network that reaches far and wide — from small businesses to global companies. We have strong connections around the globe — and we make sure our students do, too.

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