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Location: Italy
About Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Cattolica distinguishes itself for its multidisciplinary curriculum, its industrial ties allowing for unique networking and internship opportunities, and its strong international focus.

There are two types of graduate programs we offer:

The Graduate degree/Master of Science - MSc ("Laurea Magistrale"):

  • Is awarded after two years of graduate studies for a total of 120 ECTS.
  • Aims to provide rigorous, advanced training in more highly specialized areas.
  • Enables you to apply for a PhD at any Italian or international University.

The "Master Universitario" (also known as 1 year specializing Master):

  • Focuses on specific topics and aims at providing practical skills to graduates wanting to develop specific professional competences.
  • Upon completion, students will have earned at least 60 ECTS.
  • Università Cattolica's English taught 1 year Master programs all include consultancy work projects that may lead to internships/ job opportunities.

We offer merit-based scholarships consisting of tuition fee reductions for international students. 

Check our Graduate Programs' brochure here.

With more than 100 nationalities, we specialize in quality services tailored for international students; from dedicated orientation events, visa and accommodation assistance, to opportunities for exchange and language courses abroad for enrolled students.

Milan is home to Cattolica's largest campus, located in the stunningly beautiful medieval building in the heart of the city. By living and studying in Italy's economic capital, with its constant flow of international businesses and investments, our students are ideally positioned to put to practice the knowledge gained in their studies whilst using their own language abilities and cultural competencies.

Programme Presentation
Cattolica distinguishes itself for its multidisciplinary curriculum, its industrial ties allowing for unique networking and internship opportunities, and its strong international focus.
Programme Info

Programme Info

Download our graduate brochure: HERE

Type of Courses:

  • 2-year MSc Degree in Economics (Milan campus)
  • 2-year MSc Degree in Management (Milan campus)
  • 2-year MSc Degree in Banking & Finance (Milan campus)
  • 2-year MSc Degree in Actuarial Sciences for Insurance (Milan campus)
  • 2-year MSc Degree in Innovation and Technology Management (Milan campus)
  • 2-year MSc Degree in Methods and Topics in Arts Management (Milan campus)
  • 2-year MSc Degree in The Art and Industry of Narration (Milan campus)
  • 2-year MSc Degree in Global Business Management (Piacenza campus)
  • 2-year MSc Degree in Sustainable Viticulture & Enology (Piacenza campus)
  • 2-year MSc Degree in Agricultural and Food Economics (Cremona campus)
  • 2-year MSc Degree in Food Processing (Cremona campus)
  • 2-year MSc Degree in Healthcare Management (Rome campus)
  • 2-year MSc Degree in Data Analytics for Business (Milan campus)
  • 2-year MSc Degree in Physics for technology and innovation (Brescia campus)
  • 2-year MSc Degree in European Studies in Investor Relations and Financial Communication (Milan campus)
  • 2-year MSc Degree in Applied data science for banking and finance (Brescia campus)
  • 2-year MSc Degree in Livestock and Agro-Green Innovation (Cremona campus)


  • 1-year Specialising Master Diploma in Corporate Communication (Milan campus)
  • 1-year Specialising Master Diploma in International Business (Regular at Milan Campus or Online)
  • 1-year Specialising Master Diploma in International Business Executive (Regular at Milan Campus or Online)
  • 1-year Specialising Master Diploma in Strategic Management for Global Business (Milan campus)
  • 1-year Specialising Master Diploma in International Marketing Management (Milan campus)
  • 1-year Specialising Master Diploma in Luxury Goods Management - EMLUX (Milan campus)
  • 1-year Specialising Master Diploma in International Screenwriting & Production (Milan campus) - A.Y. 2021/2022
  • 1-year Specialising Master Diploma in Viticulture & Enology (Piacenza campus)
  • 1-year Specialising Master Diploma in Cultural Diplomacy (Rome campus)
  • 1-year Specialising Master Diploma in Arts Management (Milan campus)
  • 1-year Specialising Master Diploma in International Cooperation & Development (Milan campus)
  • 1-year Specialising Master Diploma in Advanced Global Studies (Milan campus)
  • 1-year Specialising Master Diploma in Middle Eastern Studies (Milan campus)
  • 1-year Specialising Master Diploma in Data Science Management (Milan campus)
  • 1-year Specialising Master Diploma in User Experience Psychology (Milan campus)
  • (2nd level, Advanced) Specialising Master in Economics & Finance (Milan campus)
  • (2nd level, Advanced) Specialising Master in Credit Risk Management (Milan campus)

All M.Sc. degrees: September each year
Specializing Masters: September or January (depending on programme)

Length of Course:

  • 2-year MSc. programmes: 24 months
  • 1-year Specialising Master programmes: 12 months
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Student Body

Student Body

Number of nationalities: Applications from 106 different countries. Enrollments from 25+ countries.
Percentage of international students: 1% - 50% (depending on program)
Age Range: 21 - 35
Average Age: 24

Admission Requirements


Overall score TOEFL 85 /IELTS 6.5 (may vary according to programme)
One reference (acadmic or professional)
Online Interview (depending on programme)
Transcripts of previous univeristy Degree
Motivation Letter
min. 14 years of schooling



Application fee: EUR 75 (waived for event attendees) 
Tuition fees: EUR 5.570 – 14.000 (for non-EU residents and depending on programme)
Estimate for accommodation/living costs, insurance: EUR 10.000 – 12.000 per annum



Address: Via Carducci 28/30 Milano, 20123 Italy

Telephone: +390272345108
Fax: +390272345806

Website: international.unicatt.it

Name of a specific person whom the candidates can contact Ms. iLaria Bossi
Email: international.inquiry@unicatt.it