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About Cass Business School

The Cass MBA programmes are an exploration of self-discovery, combining intensive and experiential learning that will sharpen your performance, increase your knowledge, skills and self-awareness so you can rise to the challenges of a rapidly changing global business environment.

Each programme is designed to develop your business skills and experience, providing you with the confidence, knowledge and networks to achieve your career ambitions. Taught by leading faculty, our Full-time MBA is an intensive one-year programme, the Executive MBA is offered over two years in a range of formats; modular (Fri - Mon) and evening (Tue and Thu) in London or block format (Thu- Sun) in Dubai. The structure delivers core business skills with flexibility to focus on areas of personal interest. An engrossing mix of lectures, workshops, live projects and leadership expeditions make for an exhilarating and hugely rewarding experience.

Cass's location is a clear advantage for your study and career search. Situated between the financial district and Tech City, no other European business school has as many Fortune 500 companies on its doorstep.

Our MBA programmes have developed an adventurous range of global electives demonstrating Cass can be first or unique in creating extraordinary learning opportunities for our students. Our International Consultancy Week, along with a variety of international electives in countries such as Chile, China, Cuba, Israel and Palestine, South Africa, the UAE, the USA and Vietnam gives the opportunity to make powerful networks and connections, while putting the theory learnt in the classroom, into practice in an international environment.

At the end of this journey you will emerge more capable, confident and most importantly, sought after. You will become a professional equipped with all that you need to make your mark and navigate today’s competitive and unpredictable modern business world.

Programme Presentation
At Cass, we never stand still. Always aspiring to excellence, we constantly seek new ways to serve our students and the global business community. With a careful and successful balance between theory and practice, our programmes are delivered in both London and Dubai and we have an extensive business and alumni network.
Programme Info

Programme Info


  • Full-time MBA ranked top 1-year MBA in London (Financial Times Global MBA Ranking 2018, Forbes Best International MBAs: One-Year Programs 2017)
  • Full-time MBA ranked 6th in the UK, 13th in Europe, 46th globally (Financial Times Global MBA Ranking 2018)
  • Executive MBA ranked 6th in the UK, 11th in Europe, 28th in the world (Financial Times Executive MBA Ranking 2017)

Type of Programme: Full-Time MBA, Executive MBA and Modular Executive MBA

Programme Format:

  • Full-time (12 months)
  • Executive MBA (Evenings, 24 months)
  • Modular Executive MBA (Fri-Mon once a month, 24 months)
  • Executive MBA in Dubai (Thu-Sun, 24 months)

Content Strength or Specialisation:
General management with electives in Finance, Strategy, Consultancy, Marketing or Entrepreneurship

Application Deadlines: 
Both the Full-time MBA and the Executive MBA have rolling admissions

Starting Dates:

  • Modular Executive MBA (Weekends): March
  • Evening MBA (Evenings): September
  • Full-Time MBA: September
  • Executive MBA in Dubai: September

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Student Body

Student Body

Full-time MBA 2018-19
Male Female Ratio: 61/39%
Average Age: 32
Average work experience: 8 years
International Students: UK: 16(%) Europe: 15(%), North America: 5(%), Africa and Middle East: 9(%), Oceania and Asia: 52(%), Latin America: 2(%)

Executive MBA 2018-20
Male Female Ratio: 54/46%

Average Age: 35
Average work experience: 12 years
International Students: UK: 46(%), Europe: 28(%), Africa and Middle East: 6(%), Asia: 3 (%), Australasia: 3(%)

Modular Executive MBA 2018-20
Male Female Ratio: 67/33%
Average Age: 36
Average work experience: 12 years
International Students: Europe: 25(%), North America: 3(%), Latin America: 1(%), Africa and Middle East: 3(%), Oceania and Asia: 19(%)

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Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements

Admissions requirements differ depending on your programme of choice. Please refer to our website for details.



•             GBP 44,000 for the Full-time MBA
•             GBP 50,000 for the Executive MBA (Evening study mode)
•             GBP 50,000 for the Modular-Executive MBA (Weekend study mode)
•             AED 230,000 for the Executive MBA in Dubai


Scholarships: Various awards available

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