In this video, Lucas from Magoosh explains what “Score Select” means and whether you have the opportunity to make use of it in the TOEFL test.

Score Select is the name used for the GRE option of choosing your score and sending it to a specific school. The TOEFL does not have a Score Select. However, things are a bit more complicated than that. The TOEFL does allow you to choose your scores.

Imagine you take the TOEFL for the first time and, before you take the test, you choose to send your scores to schools A, B, and C. After you take the test, you no longer have a choice. You always choose your schools before you actually take the test. The score you received will be sent to the schools you have chosen.

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If you decide to take the test a second time, you will send your TOEFL score to three different schools – D, E, and F. You again choose the schools before you take the test and the second score you get will go to these specific schools. There is no possibility for you to send the score from the first test to the schools you chose the second time. Therefore, every TOEFL you take is independent of your other TOEFLs. There is no score report that lists all of your scores, you get individual score reports for every time you take the test.

You also have an option to pay USD 19 for each school that you send scores to. Then, you can take the test two times without preselecting schools. After you took the test two times, you have to wait until you receive the score from test two and in the meantime you can choose which scores to send to which schools. You can send either of the scores to any school. However, in order to be able to do that, you need to pay USD 19 for every score sent to every school.

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