In order to seriously advance your GMAT verbal skills, you need to understand what really makes the Verbal section difficult past the 50th percentile. Business schools appreciate balanced GMAT scores, so you can’t rely on a good quant score only. Join our webinar on how to advance your GMAT verbal skills.

During the free webinar, a Veritas Prep instructor will demonstrate the tools that the GMAT testmaker uses to create trap answers, requiring critical thinking skills.

More importantly, at the end of this 90-minute session, you will be equipped with powerful strategies for using insider knowledge of the testmaker’s tendencies so that you can efficiently work through the all parts of the GMAT Verbal section.

During the webinar you will learn how to approach:

  • The densest Reading Comprehension passages
  • The most clever Critical Reasoning prompts and
  • The most challenging Sentence Correction structures.

Get expert advice

This exclusive webinar will be conducted in partnership with Veritas Prep - one of the most dynamic MBA consulting and GMAT preparation US companies working internationally.

The presenter - Ethan Todras-Whitehill - is a veteran Veritas Prep instructor. In 2013, he won the "Veritas Prep Worldwide Instructor of the Year" award.

A test prep instructor since he was a student at Tufts in 2000, Ethan has taught the GMAT around the world from New York to Seattle to Dubai, and now broadcasts his creative and engaging lessons from his studio in Amherst. Ethan readily admits that he truly found his calling with the launch of the HD video Live Online format.

When he’s not teaching the GMAT, he can be found travelling, writing about his travels in the New York Times, parenting, and woodworking. And whether he’s encouraging readers to visit the Himalayas or students to improve their algebra, he always has his eyes on helping others reach that elusive summit.

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