This video lesson of Veritas Prep – a leading global GMAT test prep company – provides practical tips that will help you navigate easily through long texts specialised in any subject area and to find the information that you need for decision making as a manager.

Veritas Prep’s Ravi Sreerama is top-ranked GMAT instructor. He is beloved by his students for the philosophy “99th percentile or bust!”, a signal that all students can score in the elusive 99th percentile with the proper techniques and preparation. In this “9 for 99th” video series, Ravi shares some of his favourite strategies to efficiently conquer the GMAT and enter that 99th percentile.

This video presents his lesson “Read Like You Drive”. Very few GMAT examinees will make mistakes driving to the GMAT test centre, but most test-takers will make several Reading Comprehension mistakes once they are there.

As Ravi discusses in this video, however, the two activities are much more similar than you realise: your job is to follow the signs. Certain keywords in Reading Comprehension passages of the GMAT Verbal section will tell you when to yield, stop, turn, and pass with care, and if you’re following those signs properly you can proceed much faster than your self-imposed “speed limit” (most people read the passages far too slowly – stay out of the left lane!) and save valuable time for the questions themselves.

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