This is a video recording of the webinar hosted by PrepAdviser on July 31, 2019. Its speakers were Nikolaus Munaretto, Curator of MU Startup Hub; Ebenaezer de Wet Nel, Career Office Manager, MU; and Ioana Alexandra Benea, Global Recruitment & Marketing Team Leader, MU. The discussion focused on how to start your own business or launch a successful career in Austria!


MODUL University Vienna is a prestigious, privately owned university. All its programmes are taught in English, including the foundation ones, Bachelor’s degrees, Master’s degrees, MBAs and PhDs. More than 70% of its students are international.

How do you launch your own startup in Vienna?

According to Nikolaus Munaretto, startups should launch as soon as possible. This means that you should test your product or service with real customers, get real exposure, and get feedback from people to develop your product. Build something people want. Always work with your customers’ needs in mind. Don’t forget whom you’re building the product for.

Munaretto also recommends not over-reaching yourself at the beginning. Because if you do so, you and your whole infrastructure might not be prepared, and you will ultimately fail. It is better to concentrate on operating effectively in a small area, and really nailing all the processes. And then expand.

Always talk to your customers, says Nikolaus. They will help you figure out what to do next, and what to build. Marketing and PR efforts should come much later on.

To learn what else Nikolaus Munaretto said about the product launch, watch the video recording.

Your career at MODUL

MODUL University could offer a worldwide exposure to its students, who are seeking job opportunities, says Ebenaezer de Wet Nel. The university also provides a workshop for career orientation, and career consultation. MODUL also coaches students on how to apply for a job. The university also provides mock interviews where students can practice their interview skills.

MODUL University also partners with many companies, who offer internship programs. Usually unpaid, these opportunities let students “shadow” a manager for a period of one month, and observe the inner workings of a company. Students who successfully completed one such program may quickly find a job within that same organization, adds de Wet Nel.

The university has its own job platform called Job teaser, allowing students to browse some nine thousand job positions, explains Ebenaezer. The platform lets you upload your CV, motivational letter, and other viable information, and apply for an open position. You can keep score of your progress either online, or on your mobile phone.

To find out what other career opportunities MODUL offers, watch the entire video recording.

What should you know before applying for a MODUL MBA?

The MBA programs at the school usually last between 18 and 24 months, and are comprised of several core modules, and a number of specializations courses, explains Ioana Alexandra Benea.

What are the scholarship options?

MODUL University Vienna does offer several merit and non-merit scholarships. There are three full scholarships, and ten partial scholarships. For the current intake, the application deadline for either one of the above scholarship options is September 10th, 2019, says Ioana Alexandra Benea.

For more on the scholarship requirements, see Ioana’s explanations in the video.

Requirements for applying

Candidates wishing to apply to MODUL University can do so by submitting their documents online. All required papers are uploaded on the MU website. Once all documents are submitted and approved, the university’s admission team will conduct online interviews with the chosen candidates. To be considered eligible, each candidate has to present a university degree and transcripts, needs to have at least three years’ work experience, and an English-language certificate.

To see the full requirements for applying to MODUL University, visit their school profile.

Regarding the work experience Ioana adds:

The three years’ work experience are mandatory. Preferably, they should have been full-time. If someone does not have the work experience, we recommend the MSc program.

To learn more about MU’s MBA programs, watch the entire webinar recording complete with explanations from MODUL University Vienna’s Global Recruitment & Marketing Team Leader, Ioana Alexandra Benea!