Watch this very informative video with Travis Morgan from Veritas Prep for expert advice on how early to start working on your MBA application.

Crafting the perfect MBA application is a key factor for admission. It takes ample time and planning - much longer than most applicants initially expect. But exactly how early should you start working on the applications? A week before the deadline? A month? A year?

Expert advice

In this video Travis Morgan, the Director of Admissions Consulting for Veritas Prep, gives practical tips. Travis Morgan is a non-traditional MBA applicant, who transitioned from a career in journalism to attend the Kellogg School of Management. He served in Kellogg’s admissions office as well as on their Diversity and Inclusion Council, and now sits on the Alumni Admissions Organization. Travis brings an insider’s perspective, contagious passion, and years of experience to Veritas Prep, helping clients achieve their dreams of acceptance into top-tier MBA programmes.

His recommendation is to start looking at your application quite early. Even if the applications have not been opened yet you can do a lot of things prior to the application to improve you candidacy:

  • Visiting school campuses
  • Looking at your extracurricular and professional experience
  • Checking if your GPA and GMAT score is in line with the criteria of the schools

So, Travis Morgan’s number one tip is to start early so that you can prepare in the most efficient way.

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