It gives opportunity to network and study among peers from all over the world in their Summer School for Advanced Management. The program has an option to extend studies to include a 40-52 week professional internship.


Loughborough University only recruits up to 50 people in order to create lively interaction between participants and engender a feeling of being part of a family, which is one of the big strengths of the program. To get more information on the admission requirements and the school, you can visit their school profile here.

Professor Saker gives tips to applicants on how to build an outstanding MBA application and get admitted to this top-tier business school:

    • Prepare well for the meeting with school representatives and research information on the school in order to avoid asking naïve questions and making a poor first impression.
    • A common mistake applicants make is underplaying their experience and omitting to highlight their achievements in the workplace.
    • Scholarships are usually awarded by the school to candidates with high academic achievements and over five years of professional experience.
    • A strong academic background combined with relevant professional experience constitutes a truly impressive CV that will sway the admissions’ committee.
    • The admissions’ team does not assess candidates based on their standardized test results and therefore the GMAT is not obligatory for admission. As the professor says:

Success in the GMAT simply indicates you are good at doing GMAT. It doesn’t indicate much about your quality.