With letters of recommendation playing a crucial role in the MBA application process, applicants should understand why they are essential and how to get a strong endorsement. In this webinar, Dr. Don Martin shares some invaluable MBA admissions tips with a focus on letters of recommendation (LoRs).

Dr. Don Martin, a former Dean of Admissions at Chicago Booth School of Business, Columbia University, Northwestern University, and Wheaton College (IL), is the founder of Grad School Road Map (GSRM). He has coached more than 600 applicants with a 97% success rate and over $16 million in funding.

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The importance of doing adequate research

While this webinar is dedicated to the critical importance of recommendation letters in the MBA application process, Dr. Don begins with the significance of planning ahead in connection with your application. Dr. Don notes that the most crucial aspect is to do your own research. He recommends creating a comprehensive spreadsheet to help you compare different schools, programs and graduate feedback to pick your target MBA. Once you are confident about your choices, you must start planning ahead, including choosing a good recommender.

Letters of recommendation are crucial because they provide you with the best way to present yourself and add credibility to your resume and application. Dr. Don shares that, unfortunately, the majority of letters of recommendation are useless. So how can you get a strong letter? Simply pick a good recommender!

What is a good recommender?

Dr. Don explains that a good recommender is someone who knows you well and long enough to be able to provide the information requested by the admissions committee. A good recommender doesn’t have to be famous or have an executive business title. That said, Dr. Don says it is not advisable to have a recommender who is a relative or a significant other.

If you pick your supervisor as a recommender, do not hesitate to share your resume and goals with them and even guide them through the process.

How to submit an MBA letter of recommendation worth reading

Dr. Don also shares seven invaluable tips to help applicants submit a good letter of recommendation. First, you should pick someone you believe will support your candidacy and take this responsibility seriously. Your recommender should be willing to invest some time and even fill out a separate form or letter if required. It is essential for your recommender to highlight a weakness to show they know you well and also examples of what is said.

The most important aspect is to ensure that the recommender writes their own letter. If an applicant is suspected of having written a letter instead of the recommender, then their application will be dismissed. If your recommender doesn’t speak English, Dr. Don says there is nothing to worry about as you can have them translate the letter. Dr. Don also suggests waiving your right to see your letter to show you are not worried about its content and that you trust your recommender. Finally, an applicant should submit only the required documents or ask permission to submit an extra letter of recommendation, which shows they respect the application process. 

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