This is a recording of the free online webinar which was hosted by PrepAdviser on July 16th, 2018. It focused on Maastricht School of Management’s MBA and Master in Management programs as well as important factors to consider when choosing a postgraduate program. The following are some key points from the webinar.


Don’t underestimate the added value of an internship.

Focusing on contacting schools with strong ties to the industry you are interested in is a very smart step of your research process. Director of Education and Executive Development at MSM, Dave Cass says:

The important thing about an internship after you’ve graduated is that it goes on your CV, and that it’s relevant. It has real meaning in the area of wherever you might be looking for a job.

Know the opportunities the location of your postgrad study will offer.

For example, the Netherlands lets you stay one year after you graduate to secure a job or start a business by offering special visas exclusively to highly-educated In Dutch, this search year is known as “Zoekjaar.” Senior Lecturer of Marketing and Strategy at MSM, Oliver Olson explains:

Afterwards, if there is an employer that wants you, you can get a work permit very easily. An internship makes that easier, because a lot of jobs come through this path, where the company gets a chance to work with you, and decide you are worth having as part of their team.

 Consider the class size of the program.

At MSM, both their MBA and Master in Management program is capped at 40 students. When the class size is smaller a visiting company is able to pay attention and consider each student for an opportunity. Overall, this allows for a more personal experience.

Once you’re admitted, take advantage of industry open days.

These are events to which the university invites different industries you can meet with. Be confident and don’t be afraid to approach a company you are interested in. Dave Cass:

The students who take the trouble to go up to the presenters after, and follow up with a phone call, are usually the ones who are chosen for an internship interview.

Practice leadership every chance you get.

Dave Cass shares:

As a person responsible for large teams, we’re not only looking for the management skills from someone who comes with an MBA or a Master in Management, but we are looking for leaders. And those skills, known as soft skills are actually quite hard. Emotional maturity, for example comes from experience and broadening your horizons. By learning from people of different cultures you will develop into a much stronger leader.

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