Getting your MBA application deadline strategy right is essential if you want to get into your MBA program. In this webinar, Dr. Don Martin, former Dean of Admissions at Chicago Booth School of Business and other schools, explains how to master application deadlines.

This webinar will help prospective students plan a successful MBA application! Dr. Don offers an application overview and talks at length about the biggest mistakes prospective students make and how to avoid them.

The biggest mistake

Before tackling the application deadline subject, Dr. Don pointed out that the biggest mistake you can make as a prospective graduate applicant is not doing adequate research before applying. “I’m astounded at how little some applicants honestly know about the programs other than what someone else has told them or how they are ranked,” he added. Dr. Don proposes three solutions to avoiding this mistake:

  • Cast a wide net
  • Create a spreadsheet
  • Do some genuine comparison shopping

For more details on that, please listen to the webinar recording. And now, moving on to MBA application deadlines.

Know your deadlines

Rolling admission vs application deadlines

Let’s explain some terms first. Schools with rolling admissions evaluate applications as they are received versus waiting to evaluate all applications after a hard deadline.

Apply earlier

If the rolling admission ends in March, you should have your application ready in January at the very latest. As already mentioned, rolling admissions assess applications immediately, so by February or March most of the seats will have already been filled.

Similarly, if there are four application deadlines, don’t wait until the fourth one. Apply early and improve your chances of admission.

Don’t sacrifice quality for speed

Even though Dr. Don suggests that you apply earlier, this doesn’t mean you can neglect quality. Let’s say you are going to apply to seven schools, and you want to apply to all of them in the first round. As the deadline draws near, you may discover that you wouldn’t possibly be able to apply to all seven. That’s perfectly ok. You could narrow down your efforts to your top three choices, but don’t try to submit seven half-baked applications, Dr. Don advises.

Don’t rush or pressure yourself

That’s another piece of advice along the same line. Don’t assume you have to get everything done right away. You can spread your work a little bit.

There is no perfect application

In 28 years, I have never seen a perfect application,” Dr. Don says. There are outstanding applications, but not perfect, he points out.

An outstanding second-round application is far better than a mediocre first-round application.

If you can’t get your application ready for the first round, relax. Don’t assume all is lost. Applying in the second round is not that bad, after all. And remember, Admissions officers can easily tell who was rushing.

If you want to learn more about deadlines, including some more do’s and don’ts, listen to the whole webinar.

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