Are you wondering which MBA study option is right for you? Full-time, Executive, and online programs are equally viable alternatives but they are designed for professionals with different types of experience and goals.

This webinar with Cass Business School introduces you to the options available at the UK institution, explains who will benefit most from each one, and wraps up with some insightful MBA questions about the admissions process.

Below you can read a snippet from the most interesting parts of the webinar Q&A hosted by Alex Jones, MBA Recruitment Manager at Cass Business School, and Balbir Guru, Head of MBA Recruitment and Admissions.

What are the major industries in which MBA graduates are employed?

About 20-25% of Full-time MBA students go into Finance, says Alex Jones, while the other most popular industry is Consulting. The tech sector is the third industry that business school graduates pick, accounting for about 15% of post-MBA recruitment according to the latest reports.

How should I prepare for the February intake of the Global MBA at Cass Business School?

Since the start of this program is getting close, Balbir Guru suggests that only professionals who already have all of their documentation apply.

How are tuition fees structured in the Full-time MBA?

Students pay in two instalments. The first half of the tuition fee is paid before the start of the program, and the second half – in January.

What are the estimated living expenses in London?

Generally, the answer varies for different MBA candidates. However, accommodation in London is usually the biggest chunk of spending for professionals starting business school in the city. Cass Business School also offers student accommodation – prices start from about GBP 750 per month which is typically below the market rate for private accommodation.

Is GMAT mandatory for the Full-time MBA at Cass?

Submitting a GMAT score is required for admission to this program. The minimum score is 600 while the average score for the class of 2019 was 645.

What resources are available to help graduates find employment?

The Careers team at Cass will be there to help you and guide you early on in the program. They will meet with you, assess your strengths and weaknesses, look at your goals and see what the best strategy is for you. Additionally, students have various opportunities to network and meet the right people to kick off their job search.

What are the differences between the one-year vs the two-year program at Cass?

The one-year program is generally a good fit for professionals who would like to get back to the workforce quickly after their studies. It also has less impact on finances such as cost of living. The two-year program has a slower pace, enabling students to focus on different topics in more depth. However, it is entirely up to candidates to consider what is the best fit for them.

Can I submit my MBA application with the references coming a bit later than the deadline?

According to Alex Jones, the admissions team can be flexible. As long as you submit your general application on time, you will have about two weeks after it is reviewed to submit missing documents such as letters of recommendation.

Do you still need more information on the study experience, program structure, and admissions at Cass Business School? Watch the webinar recording and learn the essentials.