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Quick Facts:

  • GMAC, the creators of the GMAT, offer a great AWA practice tool, GMAT Write. This tool lets you access 2 essay prompts and you can write 4 essays and receive a score for each. The scoring algorithm used is the same as the one in the official GMAT. The tool costs $29.99
  • The GMAT Write tool evaluates your essay in four ways: analysis of the issue, whether it supports ideas, is sufficiently structured around a coherent idea, and your language control.
  • Even if you decide not to use GMAC’s tool, it gives you an understanding of what a great essay should look like. e-GMAT explains:

Selected Quote:

An ideal GMAT essay should identify and analyze significant flaws in the argument. It should support the critique using relevant supporting reasons and/or examples.  Of course, it should be clearly organized and have a coherent response. Finally, it should demonstrate control of language, including diction, syntax, and conventions of standard written English.

  • Chineseburned, a user on GMAT Club’s forum shares a great free AWA template that you can use to structure your essay each time.
  • The introduction should restate the argument of the essay prompt and point out its flaws. Subsequently, let the reader know what you plan to discuss in the following paragraphs.
  • The first paragraph should include your first critique along with a supporting example.
  • The second paragraph should include your second critique along with a supporting example.
  • The third paragraph should pose some questions for the argument which you will answer, in order to strengthen your argument.
  • In the fourth paragraph, you should add any final missing information that would strengthen the argument.
  • The final paragraph should restate that the argument is flawed because of your reasons cited above and also restate the reasons which could have strengthened it.

Useful Information:

  • Search the web and find an AWA essay template that works for you. Make sure you learn and practice with the template, but don’t waste all of your GMAT prep time for the AWA. With the right discipline and motivation, 10% of your total GMAT study time should be devoted to the AWA section in order to get a high score.


       Source: e-GMAT