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  • Before starting to write the analysis you should think whether you agree or disagree with the argument and why. Afterwards, you should outline your argument. One way to approach the process is to find flaws of the argument in the essay question. A more challenging method is to try and strengthen the argument. Which option do you prefer? Share your opinion in our forum!
  • By keeping the essay format simple, you will make it easier for the reader to understand. You should present your argument in the first paragraph, offer support in the body, and a conclusion in the final paragraph.
  • You should use an objective voice, opposed to first person, “I believe” or “I disagree.” This allows for a straightforward analysis of the argument.
  • Try not to get carried away from your initial stance on the argument. The reader needs to be able to follow your thought process easily from beginning to end. Manhattan Review explains:

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Remember that the challenge is to analyze the argument presented in the essay question. That means that if, for example, the essay says that sales of XYZ company will drop for a certain reason, the test taker should not present a whole new plan for increasing sales at XYZ company. The task is to evaluate whether or not the argument that sales will drop for the reason stated is sound.

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  • By planning your time to finish the essay a few minutes early, you can look it over for grammar and syntax.

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