That is why we would like to focus your attention on the Critical Reasoning questions immediately after a High Level Overview of the GMAT which was our first lesson. The theme of the second lesson is “the test maker’s blueprint” for Critical Reasoning.


The instruction starts with a few elementary arguments and builds to some of the (statistically-proven) most difficult problems in the test’s arsenal. Thus, the lesson shows how the authors of these Critical Reasoning problems create each prompt, correct answer, and a trap answer.

The lesson demonstrates the tools that candidates need in order to see the structure behind the content. This approach will help test takers solve Critical Reasoning questions successfully during their preparation and on the test day.

The instructor explains how you can identify the gaps in the arguments and when you need to be patient. You will learn what mental inertia is, how crucial its role is, how to be aware of it and how it often leads to straight into the traps of Critical Reasoning questions.

You will learn where the connection between the premise and the argument is most often hidden and why a better plan does not weaken the plan stated in a Critical Reasoning question. These are all skills which successful GMAT takers develop during their preparation for the test.

This video is part of the Free GMAT Classes with Veritas Prep, organised by PrepAdviser – the Global Preparation Network for MBA and Master’s Applicants in October 2014.

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