The session is scheduled for 11 October, from 1700 to 1800 CEST, and will give you the opportunity to ask the Programme Director Albert Meige to answer all your questions about Télécom Ecole de Management's Global EMBA.

You can participate by visiting and clicking on the chat box in the lower right-hand corner.

Télécom Ecole de Management is the Business School of Institut Mines-Telecom. After participating in our 18 month programme "Leading Innovation in a Digital World", you will be able to pursue your own business venture or work in positions of responsibility in innovation.

During the live chat you will be able to enquire about all kinds of details such as the format of the programme, its structure, or the subjects it focuses on. Of course, you can also ask about application deadlines and the requirements you have to meet in order to be considered for admission.

Educational exchange programmes can help you better understand yourself and the world around you, and fortunately they feature prominently in the EMBA experience. You may ask if such programmes are part of the “Leading Innovation in a Digital World” EMBA (insider tip -- they are!) and learn about the locations the EMBA programme can take you to.

When it comes to education, scholarships are a particularly hot topic. Luckily, Télécom Ecole de Management offers them and during the live chat you can find out the details about the eligibility criteria. You might also ask Mr Meige about the price of the programme and all the financial aspects of studying at the business school.

You may also be interested in the male/female ratio in the typical EMBA class. Details such as the participants’ average age and their degree background could also help you decide if studying at Télécom Ecole de Management would provide you with the right network and learning environment.

And what about the share of international students accepted into the programme. This actually may be one of the most important questions you would like to ask Mr Meige. Networking is an important aspect of a global EMBA experience, so don’t forget to ask about that too.

You probably have hundreds of questions, especially if you are serious about pursuing an EMBA degree. Télécom Ecole de Management’s live chat is a great opportunity to learn about the “Leading Innovation in a Digital World” EMBA programme and about studying in an English-language programme in France in general.

Don’t miss it!

Global EMBA Live Chat

Telecom School of Management

Leading Innovation in a Digital World

11 October, from 1700 to 1800 CEST