This is a recording of the webinar Prepadviser held on March 5, 2019 with Viktor Lolev, IMD EMBA Admissions Manager and the school's EMBA alum Moncef Tanour. Watch the video to learn more about what makes the program unique, as well as hear about the overall student experience.


IMD’s EMBA approach is centered on 3 main pillars: developing business skills and experience, exposing students to world networks and perspectives, and finally promoting self-confidence and awareness. By focusing on these aspects, the program is able to offer real career impact and professional growth to its graduates.

There are two foundational steps before starting IMD Business School’s core EMBA program. First, students enroll in the 20-day intensive module, Foundations for Business Leadership (FBL)—an accelerated learning environment that allows professionals to fill any gaps in their current business knowledge. This program is a great way to strengthen ones soft and hard skills before continuing on towards the EMBA. Students of the program will be able to become experts in the fields of Marketing and Operations, Finance and Accounting, Strategy and Industry Analysis, as well as Business Model Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Afterwards, students go on to the second foundation stage: Advanced Management Concepts which is in the format of 5 weeks online learning. At this point, students are expected to deepen their knowledge of the topics covered in the previous module. It’s also a great opportunity to solidify time management skills through the distance learning style of instruction.

Finally, after building a strong foundation, the mastery stage begins: one year full of core modules and Discovery Expeditions. The format is split between 6 face-to-face modules and distance learning courses. The most exciting aspect of the program is the Discovery Expeditions. As an IMD EMBA student, you will travel to three different destinations to analyze and reflect on the way business is conducted globally. In the end, you will be able to apply successful methods that you’ve gained from contrasting cultures to your own company or workplace.

Moncef Tanfour, IMD EMBA alum who now works as Head of Strategic Development and Innovation at Grundfos praises the program and highlights its strong point.

IMD is very different from other business schools because of its heavy focus on leadership. I certainly felt from my experience that it was transformational. I became more confident and reflective as a leader and generally more resilient.

A key piece of advice Moncef gives to EMBA applicants is to talk to alumni before making the decision where to study. This adds another layer of insight and will help you stay more informed. What made Moncef choose IMD Business School was the atmosphere, which felt like a family. He shares that the many rich discussions he had with colleagues from the program's diverse cohort were highly beneficial and have left a significant impact on his current career.

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