1. Be observant and jot things down in a notebook.
  2. Write a "brag sheet" or a list of qualities and achievements you are proud of.
  3. Stop over-thinking. Set your alarm for 6 AM and write down the first thing that comes to your head, when you ask yourself the question of what is most important to you.
  4. Visually map out the topics you will discuss in your essay.
  5. Research the qualities the business school is looking for in an applicant, and try to write experiences which illustrate you have those skills.
  6. Stick to a writing schedule that works for you. Work on a single application at a time.
  7. Demonstrate your self-awareness to the admissions committee by revealing a fun side of your character.
  8. Just start writing, and worry about editing and polishing drafts later.
  9. Be open towards getting a second opinion on your essay. A fresh perspective might give you a great idea on how to make your essay stronger.


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