The Fulbright Foreign Student Programme is an excellent option to finance your Master’s or MBA degree studies in reputable US universities.

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In this video, Deputy US Cultural Affairs Officer Sarah Evans provides tips on how to build informative Fulbright essays.

Write for American reviewers

Evans says that the first and most important point is to change your mindset when you start writing, because you are writing for American reviewers, not for colleagues or friends. Try to think about what an American reviewer may need to know about you in general.

How the two essays differ

You probably know that there are two essays and the content of the essays is a little similar, which could be a little tricky when you start thinking about what you are going to write.

The topic of the first essay is your study research objectives and the second essay is a personal narrative. After you have read the essay questions carefully it is a good idea to start writing down all the words that come to your mind.

How to state your goals

Then you should start writing about your goals. Keep in mind that there are thousands of degrees available and thousands of schools. It is very important to do research into the schools. After giving your goal you have to explain why you think you are qualified for that programme. It is really important to write about your academic and professional background and to show that you are competitive.

Also it is a good idea to discuss your future plans a little and what you are planning to do after the degree programme. You need to spend some time thinking about this.

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What makes you unique

The second essay could be a little harder because it is your personal statement and you should underline in it what makes you unique – what makes you special and what inspired you to follow this career path.

Mind your grammar and avoid plagiarism

And last but not least no spelling or grammatical mistakes are tolerated. Also nothing should be copied from the Internet or another source.

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