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Quick Facts:

  • The STAR technique is a smart way to approach a behavioral question presented at an interview—often used after “Tell me about a time when…”— and involves mentioning a situation, the task that had to be done, the action you took, and the results.
  • Implementing the STAR technique in your business school application essays is a very handy tool you can use to organize your thoughts clearly and succinctly.
  • When setting up the situation in your essay, try your best to avoid unnecessary details the school won’t be interested in, as well as industry jargon and acronyms.
  • Be precise when listing the tasks you were responsible for.
  • The action portion of your essay is the lengthiest and should clearly illustrate how you exceeded expectations. Conclude with both quantitative and qualitative results if possible. Stacy adds:

Selected Quote:

After you’ve got your S, T, A and R information covered in your essay, read through it again to ensure the emphasis is on the Actions you took and the Results you achieved. We know it’s hard to condense what may sometimes be a years-long project into only a few sentences at the beginning, but it’s better to keep the focus on why YOU will be a welcome addition to any MBA program.

Useful Information:

  • Make sure you stay within the word limit count that is required, while writing in a memorable way that will capture the attention of the admissions’ team member reading it.

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Source: Stacy Blackman