Admissions committees are very much interested in what you say in your statement of purpose. That is why it has a lot of weight and is often the document that creates the first impression of you in the admission committee.

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What is a Statement of Purpose and Why is it Important for a Master’s Application?

In this informative video panelist Debby Bacharach focuses on strategies and techniques for creating an impeccable statement of purpose.

Debby Bacharach underlines that in this part of the application for admission content is all that matters. The main goal of your statement of purpose is to take all of your statistics, your GRE score, your GPA and all the numbers from your resume and make them come alive. The admissions committee wants to see your face on the page, they want to know more about your life.

The presenter advises to make a list of categories such as jobs you have had, volunteer work you have done, your hobbies, your skills and the places you have visited. It might also be useful for you to take the ten key moments of your life that led you to your current career path. You have to get all the information about yourself out there.

Another very important task you have, besides writing a perfect essay, is to show the grad school that you know who they are. For that purpose you need to do your research – to look up what courses they offer, what kind of career paths you can pursue upon graduation, who the professors are in the particular major you have selected, etc. You have to be able to talk confidently about these things to the committee.

One more really crucial piece of advice Debby Bacharach gives in this video is to take time practising your writing – have a pre-writing session, write a lot of drafts and always do proofreading checks.

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