• Data Sufficiency is considered one of GMAT’s hardest group of questions. That is why Brian demonstrates the value of strategies such as “Why Are You Here?”, “The Power of Construct Thinking”, and “The Reward System”.
  • The aim of the tutorial is to equip you with the toolset of structural thinking. This is extremely important when looking for the right answers under the pressure of time constraints.
  • Strategy and preparation are the roots of this tutorial. It gives students a certain knowledge of this unique type of quantitative question, and the best way to tackle it. Finally, the episode shows how following the aforementioned strategy can work to your advantage to achieve a higher GMAT score.
  • Don’t neglect the Data Sufficiency section of the GMAT test. It’s one of the hardest, and probably requires the most concentration and analytical thinking. Brian says:

Think about the answers structurally. It’s not just "do the math, and see what you get". This way of thinking about it can help you to think through problem solving strategically, and help you manage your assets well.