It is an exam, which assesses the extent to which college graduates are prepared for success in a graduate management programme.

The GMAT features arithmetic, algebra, geometry , english grammar, and reading comprehension.

Back in 1954, when the GMAT was presented for the first time to the public about 1,300 students took the test.  It was developed by an alliance of 9 schools that were later to become known as The Graduate Management Admission Council: Columbia, Harvard, Northwestern, Rutgers, Seton Hall, University of Chicago, University of Michigan, University of Pennsylvania, and Washington University.

The GMAT was offered in five countries, when it was first presented. Today, the test is available in 600 centres in 114 countries worldwide. According to GMAC, the owner of the GMAT, 6,000 programmes in some 2,100 universities and institutions use it to objectively assess the applicants.

Moreover, during the testing year 2014, more than 243,000 people took the GMAT. The world median score in 2014 was 550. 

GMAT test-takers should keep in mind that the GMAT does not measure abilities such as leadership potential, communication, and social and team-working skills.The test score concerns the level of the respective educational systems and personal motivation only.

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