From this video by Kaplan GMAT Prep, you will learn about the most valuable purpose of the GMAT practice tests and how to use them during your test preparation.


Those who are preparing for the GMAT who indulge in occasional study binges in between several days away from the material often don’t see much improvement. The students who see the greatest score increases are those who study regularly and devote a proper amount of time to their preparation. Make the effort to study just a few hours a day over a period of two months, and you’ll definitely see positive results!

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Don’t be afraid to take GMAT practice tests. Maybe you have the fear of doing poorly and losing your confidence regarding the actual taking of the test. Or maybe you’re worried about the areas you are not very good at. In the end, this is not doing you any favours. After all, you are just starting and you don’t have to be afraid. Practice tests are just there to guide you in your preparation.

When you take a practice test, you should always have clear goals in mind and they should go beyond just “I want to pick all the right answers”. Right answers are great, but as far as practice tests go, they don’t count for anything. The only day wherein getting  questions right counts is the test day. The value of the practice question is its use as a learning tool. Your goal then would be to use those questions to work on repeatable skills and strategies that will help you get the right answers on the test day.

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When it comes to practice, wrong answers can be right. After all, the only purpose of the GMAT practice tests is to help you get better!