Thousands of business schools require the GMATas part of their application process. Your GMAT preparation strategy is crucial and avoiding mistakes during it must be one of your greatest concerns. Learn more about GMAT preparation mistakes!

In this video one of The Economist’s GMAT senior instructors outlines five mistakes you must avoid when preparing for the GMAT. He has been teaching students GMAT strategies and techniques for 11 years.

In this 40-minutes video he talks about mistakes that he has encountered during students’ preparation. He also answers some prospective test takers’ questions during the presentation.

5 GMAT preparation mistakes

Schedule of study

First one is the too little time dedicated to studying, or the common mistake of cramming – studying only for two weeks before the exam.

The second biggest mistake that a lot of people make is only studying during the weekends. The instructor says that even dedicating just 45 minutes a day is better than procrastinating over the study process until the weekend.

Your focus

The third common mistake is focusing on one section only and thus ignoring the importance of the other sections of the exam. It is very important to dedicate enough time to every section of the GMAT.  As you may know, the GMAT has four sections – AWA Essay (30 minutes), Integrated Reasoning (30 minutes), Quantitative Section (75 minutes) and Verbal Section (also 75 minutes) and each of them has the same importance.

Learning from mistakes and success

The fourth study mistake according to The Economist’s instructor is not debriefing after practice exams. Practicing never hurts. He suggests that we should always go through the explanations before answering the questions. Also a good tip he gives is not only to go over the questions you got wrong but also over those you got right.

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Don’t forget to comment after watching and remember that the GMAT is trying to test your sense of logic not only your knowledge. Good luck with your GMAT preparation!