Sounds cliche? It’s true! That’s why answering the question, “What’s a good GMAT score?” is so tough--there are a number of variables that determine if a particular score is good enough for each individual.

However, to make tackling this very important question a little easier, our friends at Magoosh put together an infographic that details the GMAT scores for top business schools. On this infographic, you’ll find a list of the highest-ranked b-schools, along with an average GMAT score range for students at that school. You’ll also find tips on next steps to take if you find that your GMAT score is below the range of your dream school. This resource makes it a whole lot easier to figure out where you stand and how confident you should feel about your GMAT test score.

Go ahead and take a look! It’s GMAT scores, demystified.


Source: Magoosh