Now he focuses on some specific do’s and don’ts for GMAT timing strategy :

Do know

that it’s OK to take longer than two minutes on a question. Just make sure you counter-balance this by taking less than two minutes to answer other questions. But...

Don’t ever

take four minutes or more to answer a question. It is tempting to try to answer each question correctly, even at the expense of time, but this strategy will likely hurt your score more than strategically guessing at several questions will.

Do use

a clock or timer to strictly keep track of your studies while practicing. You will soon know what a ten minute stretch of time feels like.

Don’t constantly sneak glances

at the clock to look at the timer. The idea behind working in clusters of five questions is exactly that; only look at the clock after you answer all five questions.

And finally, do remember

that time can feel very different in your head while concentrating than what actually appears on your clock!

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