This is the first of three sessions held as part of the free, week-long GMAT course offered by PrepAdviser and Veritas Prep in September. The course aims to familiarise prospective test-takers with the most crucial strategies that they need to employ to achieve their desired GMAT score. The second recorded session (Critical Reasoning) will be made available on on 10 November, and the third one (Data Sufficiency) on 17 November.

This MOOC session was filmed using Veritas Prep’s advanced Live Online technology on 12 September, 2016.

What are the GMAT’s aims?

The lesson focuses on “higher-order thinking”, the GMAT’s own description of its aims as an assessment, and demonstrates how that philosophy is tested via each of the exam’s question types. In addition, this session will serve as a launchpad for the more complex lessons that come later in the series.

In other words, the session offers a general introduction to the test and gives you guidelines as to how you should approach the exam, what kind of thought processes you should be aware of as you study for the GMAT.

Learn from mistakes

A common theme going through all three lessons is how we can learn from mistakes. Be prepared to go, for the most part, through pretty challenging questions. You should should brace yourself for a lot of statistics that will show you not just common mistakes, but how people come to make them and how to avoid them.

The course will be taught by Brian Galvin, a leading GMAT instructor and one of the select few who has broken into GMAT’s elusive 99th percentile.

Take the opportunity to jump-start your GMAT preparation by learning from the experts.