The GMAT test is one of the most challenging exams for admission to business schools and universities. Without a good GMAT score it is impossible to enter the competition for a seat in a reputable MBA or Master's degree programme.

What the GMAT tests

The GMAT requires fluency in English, mastery of maths, data analysis skills and an ability to work with graphs and charts. But what makes the GMAT even harder is that it lasts 3.5 exhausting hours and has 90 questions, plus one essay to write. GMAT evaluates potential for success in graduate business school, such as analytical thinking and quantitative skills.

Get to know the GMAT

The GMAT Study Plan is here to help you in your preparation for success. It will give you a realistic idea of the GMAT exam and enable you to plan your preparation accordingly. This online GMAT orientation tool enables you to interact with dedicated GMAT prep experts and to receive feedback on your starting level and the most effective preparation strategy for your learning style, timeline and budget.

How the GMAT Study Plan works

This GMAT Study Plan is online, self-paced and free and comprises:

  • GMAT Videos
  • Interactive communication with GMAT experts
  • Articles and infographics
  • Practice tests and official GMAT prep software
  • Sample scholarships based on GMAT score

This step-by-step orientation plan introduces you to the basics of the GMAT test. At the end of it you will have an idea about which parts of the GMAT are the most challenging for you. You will also be able to select the most effective preparation approach.

In addition, you will have the chance to use a combination of online tools, reading and video materials, practice and diagnostic tests, feedback from experts and peers and online Q&A sessions. And to make you feel comfortable we made it self-paced so that you can follow your own rhythm to make the most of all the resources.


GMAT Study Plan


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