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Date: Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Time: 14:00 CET


Our presenters:

Winning strategies will be shared by our top experts and co-founders of 700+ Club Lana Silanteva and Anshul Bhat.

Lana is one of the two founders of 700+ Club, working as Program Director and tutor for the verbal part of the admissions exams. She’s fond of creating more efficient ways of learning and finding faster paths for improvement for non-native English speakers. She is author of the popular PrepAdviser article "Choosing the Most Effective GMAT/GRE Preparation".

Anshul is the co-founder and the quant tutor at 700+ Club. He specializes in helping students get over their fear of quant with unique and creative solutions. He adapts a mix of logic, elimination, and basic calculation techniques to arrive at simple solutions for even very complex-looking problems. He believes in having fun while learning.

More about 700+ Club:

700+ Club is a test prep center based in Milan, Italy, specialized in preparation for the GMAT, the GRE, and the SAT admissions exams. We have developed a unique, comprehensive and guaranteed approach to test preparation. For more information, visit the 700+ Club page on PrepAdviser.

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