The session goes beyond an introduction to GMAT scoring and question types. It demonstrates the critical thinking skills that are necessary for success in the exam.

It takes you two levels above basic learning--when one simply remembers and understands--to a point where you will be able to analyse and apply your knowledge and skills with a successful strategy.

Ultimately, this GMAT lesson will show you how to “think like the test maker” and easily identify the traps waiting for you. This approach will ensure that you are rewarded by higher scores on the difficult questions – the essence of the GMAT Computer Adaptive Test.

The lesson centres on the theme of “higher-order thinking”, GMAT’s own description of its aims as an assessment, and demonstrates how that philosophy is tested via each of the exam’s question types.

This video is part of the Free GMAT Classes with Veritas Prep organised by PrepAdviser – the Global Preparation Network for MBA and Master’s applicants in October 2014. Lesson 1 serves as a launch pad for the deeper sessions to come later in the series.

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