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Question:  How do I study for the GMAT while still in school?

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  • A candidate who is in their final year of their undergraduate degree is looking for a way to balance school with studying for the GMAT. They are reaching out for some helpful tips on how to organize their time better, while maintaining a high GPA. Do you think taking the GMAT while in school is a smart decision? 

All in Agreement:

  • Gaining some work experience after graduating is a very good idea before applying for an MBA, a candidate should focus on that before worrying about tests.
  • Starting to prepare early for the GMAT is a good strategy since the more practice you have, the better your chances for a higher score.


I also did it in when I was in school and got 730. Best to finish the GMAT off in school so that you can focus on gaining the right experiences and polishing your app rather than worrying about the test. You should start off with a couple of practice tests to benchmark yourselves. Once you know which areas need focus you can deep dive into them. For the other areas, simply brushing up the concepts and some practice should be good enough. I would also suggest looking for some coaching to really ensure a good score. I did it with Inspirus Education. Also, try to ensure that your GMAT prep is taking at least 2-3 hours a day for around a month or two to do justice to it. I haven't seen many who have been able to do it in lesser time.

  • A user stood out from the rest in the discussion by encouraging the candidate to take the GMAT while still in school. If you decide to do that, it’s best to use the weekends for studying and preparation so you don’t sacrifice your grades.

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