MBA applicants are doing their best to achieve high scores on the GMAT investing over 100 hours in preparation and taking the test more than once.

The Economist recently published a list of the top ten business schools ranked by their average admitted students’ GMAT scores. Stanford Graduate School of Business appears at number one in the list, boasting a highest average GMAT score of 729 in 2013. The average GMAT scores of Harvard, Yale, Chicago and NYU’s recently admitted applicants are also above a 720. The Economist’s Which MBA page hosts the complete top ten ranking.

On average, the GMAT scores in this list mark a 24 point increase in the top ten schools’ average GMAT scores around the turn of the millennium. It’s important to note that business school students are not necessarily getting smarter, just becoming more savvy test takers. Many students are now devoting over 100 hours to prepare for the test.

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