In this video Kevin from is talking about how to best organise your day of study for the GMAT. Often people are not sure how to study and what exactly to do during their day of study. There are many great study plans and schedules out there that will help you navigate your whole period of study, whether it is 3 or 6 months of practice. However, you should also think about how to approach your day-to-day studying.


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Let’s say you have three hours for studying in a day. Should you just dive into doing verbal practice questions the whole time, or should you spend all three hours watching lesson videos? Truth is, the best thing you could do is vary your study day as much as possible. You should watch some lesson videos, solve some practice problems, review your work and also have breaks built into your study day. So, during that period of three hours you could, for example, work on 10 maths questions, then go back and review any wrong answers, write down what you learnt and questions that you missed, then move on to watching some new verbal lesson videos. After that you could, for instance, move on to some maths lesson videos or review old questions that you did last week or a concept that you learnt a few days ago. Then take a break. Make sure to take a 10 minute break for every hour that you spend on studying, just to rest your mind for a bit.

So always think about varying your routine – doing small bits of study and then moving on to something new. You should be reviewing old questions and concepts, learning new concepts and doing practice problems – maths and verbal.

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