Useful for: GMAT Test Takers Read Time: 7 minutes Question: What preparation is necessary to achieve a high GMAT score? User Info:  IIT Kharagpur, 2010 Graduate and Technology Analyst at JP Morgan

User’s Opinions:

• A great resource for acing Sentence Correction is the book, MGMAT Sentence Correction. It will give you a great foundation and is not too complex. Ruchir read it over twice, making notes along the way. In the 10th edition, the questions become more difficult towards the end.

• Using a practice-grid is very helpful when studying. Divide a sheet of paper in 5 columns: Start time, question number, your answer, your gut feeling (slow/guess), error type (concept, lack of focus). Using this method will help you address your weak areas.

• Ruchir purchased a pack of 6 full length tests from MGMAT. He is very complimentary about the explanations given for all the questions as well as the realistic score that you’re given.

• Slowing down in the Reading Comprehension helped Ruchir keep focused. He did not follow a summary making strategy.

• For the AWA section, he advises using a 50-page guide he found through a simple Google search: “800ScoreAWAGuide.pdf” He reminds test takers to practice writing at least 3 essays. On test day, Ruchir managed to write a 5-paragraph analysis in 25 minutes. In his opinion, spending a total of 10 hours preparing for the AWA, will allow you to score a 5-5.5

• His most important advice is to practice improving your time management. The GMAT takes points away for not being able to complete a section on time. Also, try not to get into a habit of guessing because wrong answers will decrease your score greatly.

All in Agreement:

• All users appreciated the information Ruchir gave. After following his advice, one candidate even managed to score a 740.

• Another candidate, Kandir thanks Ruchir for sharing his experience as it saved him time on finding useful resources. He wrote:

Your account helped me save a considerable amount of time trying to hunt and analyze different GMAT prep material. Thanks a lot and congratulations on the brilliant score.

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