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  • National Association of Colleges and Employers estimates that the average starting salary in 2019 for MBA grads is $84,580 which is $25,000 higher than that of a graduate with a bachelor’s in business.
  • The average total salary of a Stanford MBA grad in 2018 was above $175,000.
  • Management roles usually offer a higher salary. An MBA is a great way to climb up the career ladder by strengthening your leadership skills and exposing yourself to invaluable networking opportunities. Ilana adds:

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There are some business schools where students have better odds of finding lucrative employment upon graduation. Experts say it's important to investigate the quality of career services at programs of interest before making a final choice.

  • The average graduate salary of the top 12 highest ranked schools in the 2020 U.S. News Best Business Schools, was $166,999 including bonuses. These top schools are: Stanford University, University of Pennsylvania, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University, University of Chicago, Columbia University, New York University, University of Virginia, Dartmouth College, and Duke University.
  • Breaking down salaries by industry, 2018 graduates working in consulting received the highest salary, $130, 656, followed by financial services, $118,585, and technology, $116,526. MBA graduates working in the nonprofit sector receive the lowest salary of $57,553. Useful Information:



  • No matter how stressful and challenging landing a high-paid job might be, one of the most important things to keep in mind is to be patient. You might not get hired right away, so it’s crucial to stay proactive and confident in your job search.

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Source: US News