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• MBAs don’t make greedy people. MBAs are designed to develop the skills of business professions and help them understand how various concepts work together in order to contribute positively to the world’s economy. MBAs emphasize good ethics. Ayushi adds:

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MBAs are taught to study businesses and come up with methods to gain the maximum out of the latter’s operations. This does not mean they have to necessarily forsake their ethics to achieve their goals. People do not need a degree to be unethical; they are unethical regardless of what they are.

• Online MBAs are an effective way to develop professionally while earning a business degree. You should however, be sure that the university you enroll in is well-established and recognized in your country.

• MBAs are contributing greatly in society through effective business management policies. Some examples include Apple’s current CEO Tim Cook and COO of Facebook Sheryl Sandberg.

• Having an MBA does not make you arrogant. There is a common misconception that MBAs can be put under a common denominator and consider others inferior, when in fact it really just depends on the individual’s personal character.

Useful Information: Challenge misconceptions about the MBA experience by speaking directly to alumni— this will give you a realistic understanding and honest picture of whether it is the right step for you to take in your academic journey.

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