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  • Helicopter parents only want the best for their children, however constant interference and stubbornness may lead to a lower likelihood of getting accepted to a dream school.
  • Admissions committees look for leadership and maturity in an MBA application. Let your parents know you need some independence in order to prove your suitability to the program, and that they can have a look over only once you are done.
  • Unlike the undergraduate admission process, universities expect less involvement of parents in an MBA application. Actually, what business schools value and prefer to see is independent professionals. Stacy adds:

Chosen Quote:

Excessive parental involvement raises a red flag about the candidate’s potential for success in the program.

Useful Information:

  • It’s a great idea for parents to give insight on your application essays. Also, if you are considering admissions consulting, having a discussion and considering several options including financing may be necessary in your situation.
  • Although parents know their children very well, they might not be aware of how to reveal certain aspects in an MBA application. Respect them for their moral support, but be firm and confident of your decision-making abilities.


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Source: Stacy Blackman