This is a recording of the webinar with Alliance Manchester Business School held on February 27, 2019. We were joined by Fran Johnson, Associate Director of the school’s MBA programs and Rupert Liddington, Senior Marketing & Recruitment Officer. The focus of the discussion was on admissions and the benefits of the Manchester Method: a learning approach focused on group work, practice-based learning and reflection.


  1. All MBAs teach the same things. Although programs offer exciting different electives to choose from, in order for an MBA to be accredited it must offer the same core curriculum content. As a result, it’s very important to note the method of teaching before you decide on a business school at which to study.
  2. Alliance Manchester Business School uses applied learning in their teaching, which they call The Manchester Method. This method was developed during the 50’s and has been growing in popularity ever since. It focuses on learning, reflecting, planning and taking action.
  3. The school’s MBA reflects this through team building, group work, real case studies, a guest speaker series, and personal and professional development activities. The highlight of the program is the 900 hours of live client projects, and the mergers and acquisitions project.
  4. The 900 hours are divided as follows: 150 hours working on a not-for-profit project, 200 hours on a commercial business project, and, finally, 550 hours on an international business project.
  5. When you are choosing an MBA, think of your exit strategy, or where you see yourself after you graduate. Fran says:

    An MBA in itself is something to move you forward, not a goal in its own right.