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Quick Facts:

  • According Chris Reed, founder and CEO of Black Marketing, MBA grads are missing out on landing great positions by avoiding to create a LinkedIn account. He reminds graduates that many if not all companies will Google potential employees, so it’s a great idea to lead them to an impressive professional summary of your relevant experience and skills.
  • First, make sure that your entire LinkedIn page is complete, including a recent professional portrait and up to date information, stating that you’re an MBA graduate that is interested in finding a job opportunity in your chosen specific field.
  • Use the maximum available characters, and be detailed in listing your past responsibilities, projects, and clearly communicate how your skills have developed after your MBA. This will give an employer more insight and also make your profile page unique, ranking higher in Google.
  • An excellent LinkedIn profile without any activity is practically useless. You need to be proactive by sharing relevant content in order to get noticed. Still, don’t become a spammer. Chris adds:

Selected Quote:

According to the 1-9-90 rule, it's thought that for every 100 social media users, just one percent are original content creators, while nine percent are advocates — those who will like, comment and share. The remaining 90 percent are simply observers. That model is often used by those wishing to target their social media audience more effectively. To be recognized as a future leader, you need to make sure you're in that top one percent. You have a choice: Do you want to be the one percent, who are leaders; the nine percent, who are followers; or the 90 percent, who do nothing but are voyeurs?

  • By creating a social media strategy, you can make sure that the content you share is interesting and read by those who follow you. Chris suggests using Andrew Davis’ 4-1-1 rule, which is that for every single post that advertises your skills, there should also be one on the topic of education and four other ones that are unique and will peak the interest of those who visit your page.

Useful Information:

  • Some jobs won’t be advertised online, which is where networking comes in handy. Use the LinkedIn platform to connect with alumni of your business school and stay in the loop of exciting new opportunities in your field.


    Source: CNBC