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Quick Facts:

  • Your MBA degree will not make things automatically easier for you in the professional world. You will still need to make the effort to network and constantly expand your knowledge.
  • Don’t do yourself the disservice of assuming one university is worse than the other based only on rankings. Take the time to fully research the culture and values of the school, teaching style, faculty in order to make an informed decision.
  • Sure, the alumni network a school offers is important but if you don’t maintain contact with those people, then they will remain merely as strangers with fancy credentials.
  • Don’t let the cost of an MBA stop you from applying. Reach Ivy explains:

Selected Quote:

“Yes, these programs can tend to get quite, quite pricey. However, when studying abroad, or even looking to enter a top B-School, there are several ways in which aspirants can have their education financed – partially, or even fully. Once you stop believing in this, the financial aspect of enrolling in a B-School abroad or within India will cease to be a hurdle.”

Useful Information:

  • Acknowledge the idea of continued education. After graduating with an MBA degree, there exist many courses and workshops you can take part in that will enrich your professional experience. For example, if you are interested in accounting, you should consider earning CFA Certification.

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Source: Reach Ivy